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When you register you agree with the following as described:

Common used words
Name Meaning
The FastFood Game The developers of The FastFood Game
Server(s) A server is a computer hosted inside a datacenter.
API API, Application Programming Interface, is a way you can communicate with third-part software or services.
API-holder The person or company who has created an API key on our website.
  • When you register you agree that The FastFood Game stores your account-password hashed in our database to log you in into the dashboard. The FastFood Game doesn't share the database (or any data inside) with third parties and that will never change. This service is pure to get a great game for anyone around the world.
  • When The FastFood Game has (any) problems, The FastFood Game cannot guarantee that things get fixed any moment. However, The FastFood Game will do it's best to keep the game up and running without any problems.
  • However The FastFood Game would love to guarantee that this website will stay up to change details from you API or through your API, it is possible the website is down for maintenance or server problems. You will have to wait until the website get's up again.
  • The FastFood server will have multiple servers in various regions. However it is possible there isn't a server in you're region available at this moment. In this case, request a server in the Discord Group.
  • There will be NO VISIBLE ADS displayed in FastFood. However, it's a free game. The FastFood Game needs to pay for the servers as there is no budget available. Ads may be displayed as 'Reward'-ad instead:
    • Inside the game there are power-ups. When a user has used all it's power-ups, it can get 1 or 2 more by watching one advertisement. This works as a reward-system. When the user watched the video, the user gets one or more power-ups.
    • Those ads are there to support the development of The FastFood Game.
    • When a user wins a game, it will receive power-ups without seeing a 'Reward'-advertisement.
  • The FastFood Game is not responsible for server crashes during a game, however, we will do our best to fix it.
  • The API-key used to communicate to The FastFood server can be revoked by any reason of:
    • Changing the in-game code.
    • Hacking (attempts).
    • Using too much (unfair) resources of the system by any cause.
  • The API is free to use. No costs will ever get applied.
  • Server information:
    • Servers are rent by different companies that serve servers around the world.
    • Servers will be scaled by amount of API requests and online users that play matches. This will be automatic process.
    • Servers will get hosted in various regions. As an API-key holder you will specify an user to a server of your choice.
  • Power-ups:
    • There are three power-ups possibilities inside the game:
      • Rockets: 3 rockets are allowed per game
      • Shields: 1 shield is allowed per game
      • Big-parachutes: 1 big-parachute is allowed per game
    • These power-ups are not editable. It is not possible to turn a power-up on or off per game.
    • The power-ups can get rewarded by playing The FastFood Game and winning matches.
    • Power-ups cannot be purchased in or outside The FastFood Game.
    • The API key holder, can edit the amount of power-ups per user through the dashboard.
  • When a player does not behave himself, turning out he/she/it is DDOSing the server(s) or other undesired behavior trying to harm our servers, service, or anything like that, it is possible that it results to an IP ban. It will not be possible to play The FastFood Game with that IP anymore. While our database is connected to all our FastFood servers it is not possible for that possible to play the game through our service.
  • Players that play the game via various API-holders, cannot get merged or transferred to another API-holder.
  • The FastFood Game does not claim having any rights to distribute the game. The FastFood Game has build the game by itself, based on YouTube video's and images from old flash files. The rights belong to Habbo® and Sulake.
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