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Common used words
Name Meaning
The FastFood Game The developers of The FastFood Game
Server(s) A server is a computer hosted inside a datacenter.
API API, Application Programming Interface, is a way you can communicate with third-part software or services.
API-holder The person or company who has created an API key on our website.

Your privacy in short

  • First of all, our database is stored in Europe. The General Data Protection Regulation of Europe applies. This means you will have the rights to:
    • Ask what data we have stored from you (if we have any)
    • Ask to remove the data we have stored from you (if we have any)
  • Your data would never be stored without permission or outside Europe.
  • We will not sell your data in any way to third parties.

What we do to protect your data

All servers are protected with a good password and we make use of SSH keys. The database server is only reachable from our IP addresses.

I am an API-holder No, I'm just a player

If you are an API-holder, your password is stored hashed in our database. We use the PHP password_hash() function. The most common and best way to store passwords.

Information use

We do store your e-mail address, but we will never use this for marketing purposes. We won't use it at al, this is just a way to request your password, if your forgot it, or to contact you for urgent matters.

Again, we won't use your email for different purposes than described above. We won't share it.

Removing your account

If you want to remove your account, you must login first, then go to My settings and underneath 'Account Data' you will find 'Delete account'. This will bring you to the page where you can choose to remove your account from our database.

When you remove your account from our service, it will automatically remove the following:

  • All your active and inactive API keys
  • All your data was attached to the API (user stats & player sessions)
  • And as last, your account.

I am just a player, what do you know about me?

Not much. We only know the following:

  • To which API-holder you belong
  • Your current username
  • Your current avatar
  • Your unique user identifier (ID or UID) from the API-holder where you are registered to

We do nothing with that data. As mentioned before. We never sell your data and your data is stored in Europe so the General Data Protection Regulation applies to it.

If you want to remove your data from our server, you must contact your API-holder where you belong to. They can remove your data from their account. It will be removed from our servers. Our game-servers do cache your data until 30 minutes after you are logged out from the server. The servers are being restarted automatically each day to keep the data fresh and clear all cache.

Your play-sessions data

When you play The FastFood Game, it will store your session in our database. These will be removed every week at Monday night 03:00 AM (Central European Time (CET) ).

These sessions are used to identify you to the server as a player. We then know to which API-holder your belong and your statistics. It is not possible to play The FastFood Game without these details.

When an API-holder removes the account attached to your data, before Monday night 03:00 AM, your data will be removed at the time of removal. The scheduled removal won't apply to your account data as it is already removed from our server.

We do use the sessions to indicate how many players there are online and when. These statistics can be seen by the API-holder in the dashboard. It is not possible to turn of those statistics.

I have an question

If you have any other question related to your privacy, you can contact us on or contact us on Discord

Policy changes

This privacy policy was established on 7 March 2019 and works retroactively. It will remain in effect expect with respect to any changes.

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